Sunday, October 17, 2010

Less than 100 days to go!

This week we started putting our house back together from the big painting weekend. It looks so different. I am still amazed at what a coat of paint can do for a room.
We had a big event on Friday for church called Java Jazz. It was a very relaxed art show, with live jazz music, some spoken words, and a few other things. We enjoyed that very much!
We are getting ready for our first baby shower within a 3 week time frame. It gets a little more real that I am having the baby when the shower is for me and I'm not just attending. We'll be excited to get some essential things for her but also the cute little things too. :) That's all for now.... starting to feel a little more tired here and there and am about ready for a nap and it's only noon! I think I'll take advantage of the wonderful weather and go for a walk instead!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some more changes!!

This was a weekend of work. We had quite a bit of help though. Our friend Rubin came over and helped paint our main living room. His help was much appreciated!!! Also, Jay's parents and aunt and uncle came into town.
Here's a few pictures of the hard workers :)

Uncle Chaim vacuuming the doors before they get painted.

Rubin, Jay, and Dad Udey painting the living room.

There's always a moment to refuel!

Mom Udey and Aunt Laurie starting the trim or "cutting"
as we learned to call it in the family room.

Aunt Laurie and Dad Udey vacuuming the ceiling
in the living room to get rid of the last remnants
of fireplace sandblasting days.

The family room did an entire 180, maybe a few times. It went from a flowery wallpaper pattern on the top and eggshell on the bottom to this! This room looks beyond amazing, sharp, elegant, and exceeds the expectations I had for it. There's a little cleaning left to do but we have to wait a while before putting things back in place.

We will soon get things up on the walls when the paint is dry enough but we also got rid of the china hutch which opens up the living room quite a bit!

On a different note:
We also got the privilege of catching another chipmunk. As you can see, we have at least one more to catch. He had a visitor while he was trapped...
I found it quite entertaining to watch.