Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Paige @ 4 Months

Paige is 4 months old!

Height: 25"  72%
Weight: 14 lbs  10 oz   58%

Park Time

The girls and I had visited a park that we REALLY wanted to take Jay back to. We tried once but it was reserved. This week, we made it back! This is one of the parks where the 5-12 age requirement I take more seriously. It's a blast to play on but has some spots that are really high up!

That rock wall is about 6 feet up....
the girls are way up on top getting
ready to go down the twirly slide.

Emma and Lily love to swing, and I love to take pictures of them!

I found this picture on Pinterest years ago.... 
and I feel like Lily looks like an older version of it!

Emma was off playing with Jay, so Lily got to spend some time with Paige. 
They are so cute together.

Jay is taking part in our church's campaign called Mustaches that Matter. The goal is to raise $50,000 for families in the adoption process. If you'd like to vote for him or donate to the cause, 
here's the link: Mustaches That Matter

Last, here's our pictures from our picnic at the park in a gazebo :)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Last Min MN Trip

This past weekend, the girls and I packed up and hit the road to MN. An unfortunate event happened, and our comfort, healthy distraction, and giggles were needed. 

First person to hold Paige in MN!

All the cousins!!
Auntie Nina getting her baby fix ;)
Emma took a day to warm up to Snickers.
Paige meeting Great Grandma Norma.

Fun to see them working together :)

Paige meeting Uncle Joel!

Paige meeting Great Grandma Reineke.

Paige meeting Great Aubt Shelba
& Great Uncle Melvin (not pictured)