Sunday, September 29, 2013

Playing Outside!

This is how our weekend started. Outside. And, our weekend ended with being outside. It was gorgeous outside on Friday and Sunday. Saturday was rainy and a great day for errands :)
There are quite a few pictures, but I slimmed it from over 500, I know I'm crazy, down to about 100. And, you are only seeing a handful of the 100...... 

Sandbox time.
Off to Colby Park with some friends for the afternoon. 
Hair blowing in the breeze.

The big slide.
Today, Sunday, is National Coffee Day. We enjoyed some coffee with my sister in her neck of the woods..... and then enjoyed coffee with the Tracys in our neck of the woods. We had tons of fun walking down to the fountain and just hanging out together.


Finishing her drink.
This picture just crack me up.
The dads being awesome :)
Big moment in the Udey house: Emma can now button her own sweater. We watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood each night as a winding down activity. There is an episode where the jingle is 'Keep trying, you'll get better.' The example is of a kitty who can't button her jacket. Emma kept trying and got better, as she'll even tell you! 

We had to play outside when we got home too :)
Lily falls off of things often, or just decides to lay down..... Strange but oh so cute!
Last, here we are :) Love this man so much!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Babies Galore!

2 of my close friends had babies on the SAME day! 
I got the privilege of snapping some newborn photos of each of them. 
Here are my favorites, although it was hard to pick!

Reece Darienne Tracy
My absolute fav of her!

Look at these lips.

Waking up.

Reece with her big brother Bowen.

Tatum Ryan Griess
Momma getting him ready.

My fav of Tatum!

Eyes wide open!
Gorgeous kids.
Beautiful feet!
I totally understand why they say you have a 6-10 day window to take newborn photos. Tatum was a tish over 2 weeks old and sooooo much more awake than Reece was. (pics taken at about a week old) What a wonderful experience!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013


We found an isle in Toys R Us that we've never been down before....
....the car isle.....

These 2 had way too much fun!

I think these next pictures are just sweet.

This last one if for Leah :) She text me to tell me there was a double rainbow after a huge storm that rolled through last week. I got 1 of the rainbows at least :) 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Girl's Trip

I was blessed to be able to spend the day with the ladies from my Community Group. We traveled to Iowa City to enjoy the delicious Java House, went to an apple orchard, and had lunch before heading back. 
We hung out at Java House for the morning while it was pouring outside. We chatted and did out quiet times. 
Started the morning at Java House!
 Then, we headed to the orchard. It stopped raining a little bit before we left Java House and started raining again as soon as we sat down in Jimmy Johns for lunch. Praising God for the perfect window to enjoy the orchard. 

Teresa was freaking out because a bee was following her. Tears of laughter were shed. 

Timer pic!

So beautiful!

Love these ladies!