Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vacation: MN

Making a pit stop at Minneopa Falls. 

Such a cute picture :) 

Doing some reading outside like her dad was the day before. 

Emma really wanted to go fishing with my dad. And, she caught quite a few!

We headed to Nina's for a little bit to play with Wyatt and Ellie. 

Paige LOVED Snickers!

Making s'mores. 

Emma requested to see my parent's neighbor Mary. 
They ran some laps around the house together and chatted away. 

We made one last stop before heading to Des Moines. I always wish there was more time to spend with Grandma Reineke. I'm glad the girls were able to see her again!

Vacation: Sioux Falls

With cat naps under the belt, we decided to hit the pool/splash park in our hotel right away in Sioux Falls. This was amazing as the pool started a 1' and only went to 3' deep with 2 slides and a raining umbrella.

The next morning, after Jay had gone for a run, I crept out of the hotel room to walk across the parking lot to a cute little coffee shop. Such an amazing latte and time with the Lord. 

I also forgot that I had taken all of my makeup off and taken a shower the night before and gone to bed with wet, uncombed and unconditioned hair. If the barista could give free drinks to people who looked like they needed the coffee, I would have been first in line! 

Checking out the trail right behind the hotel where Jay ran earlier that morning.

Running hills :)

Paige has a love for Lily that we have enjoyed watching unfold :)

After checking out of our last hotel for the trip, we headed to downtown Sioux Falls. Jay checked out a running store while the girls and I 'had' to check out a cupcake place a few stores down. 

We had to take a picture by the sign because as we browsed restaurants on the GPS this one popped up and Jay and I laughed.... then it happen to be the cupcake place.

The falls!!!

We grabbed some lunch and hit the open road to MN!