Monday, August 27, 2012

A Week With Grandma Seifert (GiGi)

Backyard Fun.

Videos on the iPad.
Some of my favorite ladies hanging out at the park with our kids. Of course, my mom is behind the camera, as usual. :)

We got to listen to live music in the park!

GiGi & Emma dancing.


Stella & purse time.
I love when my mom brings her camera with her. The pictures are just a whole different level of amazing. Check them out. 

Emma has great aim!

Typical woman, trying to carry a ton of things at once!

Snuggle time w/ Mommy

Taking a snooze.


Eyes wide open!

Emma taking care of her baby.
Our beautiful family.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lily @ 2 Weeks!

It seems like Lily has been with us for much longer than 2 1/2 weeks! The doctor said she looks perfect, I agree, and that she has big muscles! Here's her stats:
Height: 21" 78%
Weight: 8 lbs 15 oz 68%


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mason, Mason, Mason...

Mason Smith is one amazing kid and playmate for Emma. Michelle and Mason came over last week, and the kids had a blast together! They play almost perfectly together. They share toys and even play with the same toy for more than 5 minutes together without fighting! What a pair!  The first few pictures are from when Michelle watched Emma here while I went to the doctor. That seems like forever ago!!!! Enjoy! 

Lunch Time.

These are from last weeks play date!

This was Mason and Emma in the first 2 minutes that he arrived. 

Mason kept giving Emma hugs; she thought he was tickling her!

Check out my shades.

We have been so blessed to get to know the Smith family in the last year+.  We are waiting the arrival of Riley, their little girl, in a little over 2 weeks. We CANNOT wait to see how our little girls interact. What a blessing.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Week With Grandma & Grandpa Udey

Jay's parents came down to help this week as Jay went back to work. Jay's mom stayed the whole week with us and his dad stayed for half! It was sooooo wonderful to have extra hands and energy here! Here are pictures showing some of the fun that was had! 

Adoring his grandbaby

Snuggle time.

Emma's new table from Grandma & Grandpa!

Bath time!


Grandpa even mowed for us!!!

Lily enjoying her new swing from Grandma & Grandpa.
Story time.

Lily's first park visit with.....

.....sister Lily, Grandma, and Dad!

They went on many walks and wagon rides together.

Lily time!

Emma wanted to wear Grandma's hats before she left.

This was Emma 1 hour after Grandma left. I don't know who wore who out :)
There have been additions to Emma & Lily's room. But, it's 9:30 at night and I'm a bit sleepy. Pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Week With Daddy!!!

Jay got quite the work out this week. Check out this video for the proof!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of them interacting this week. This man is so helpful. It would take me forever to list all the errands he ran, how many times he read the same book, the meals he prepared, the walks he took, and diapers he changed. What an amazing man. 

His team at work was even gracious enough to send us a card!

The 3 loves of my life.