Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Fun!!!!

Cara got free tickets to the play Ramona at the Playhouse. Such fun!

Cole turned 3 months old!

Emma sewed a dress.

Jay's mom came to visit for Emma's birthday.

First day of school as a 6 year old!

Running her victory lap with her 'flag'.

We got enough snow to go out and play!!!!

I took all the littles one day and Kayla took the 3 bigs and spent some great time together!
(FYI: most of the littles were napping during this time)

My parents came to celebrate Christmas, Emma's birthday, and Paige's birthday. 

Facetiming with Abby as we don't see her much.


Celebrating a healthy 6 year old.

Best Birthday Ever.....

Those were words used by our 6 year old!! 
We let the girls pick a place to celebrate their birthday at with 2 of their friends. 
This year Emma picked SkyZone! 

What a blast! Perfect birthday party for this girl!!!!

Birthday Fun!