Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beautiful Girls!

The girls have taken quite a few adorable pictures together. Here's the proof!


Testing out their Christmas dresses!

Goof ball :)

Gotta love the self timer.

Emma loves dancing by the Christmas tree.

Wrestling with Daddy.
Love them.

I'll leave you with a little Christmas music. 

Packages, Packages, Packages!

'Tis the season for packages, and the girls LOVE it! Jay's parents sent a St. Nicholas Day package, cards with gum, and a box of Christmas candies, cookies, and goodies. Jay's grandma even sent us something in the mail!

St. Nicholas Day Package:

She had to change into the full outfit immediately once she saw her new gloves!
Stretching out together.

Christmas candies, cookies, and goodies box:

The straws needed to be tested out right away! 

They accomplished their reindeer craft!

Package from Great Grandma Udey:
 The girls were quite confused with this one. Grandma Udey sent Jay and I more homemade potholders. I LOVE these and would prefer to use them over any store bought ones! They still had fun opening it, even if the contents were exactly what they thought it should be.

Warm Activities!

One day this month, we HAD to go on a walk; it was it the mid-60s!

We also have had some chiller days, but have stayed warm baking. 
We made cinnamon ornaments for the tree one morning.

And, we went to a cookie exchange! I made the moms take a picture together because most moms, me included, take pictures of our kids but are not included in any ourselves.

I took an up-close picture of the Samoas I made as I don't intend to make these anytime soon again. They were sooo good, but they were extremely time consuming! 
Here are a few pics of the kids playing in the gym while we enjoyed a little mom time. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Craft Day

Today, we unexpectedly stayed home due to some cancelled plans. But, we had so many things on our craft list of wanting to accomplish, the morning flew by!

The day started out with chocolate chip pancakes, which is a craft in itself when cooking with a 2 & 3 year old. Therefore, there are no pictures of this. :) But, I let the girls eat at the counter, which is a major treat! Immediately after this, Emma asked if she could teach Lily letters.... how could I say no?!?!

Then, on to painting. This took up the majority of our morning. We painted our tin cans to later make into drums (they were kind of lame, but fun to make), made Christmas gifts to be mailed to Grandma & Grandpa and GG & Pa, and then had just painting time. I think this will be a go-to activity ALL winter long! 

We moved on to another kitchen activity, but this one we could eat! 
We made some AMAZING cookies! Recipe found here: Amazing Recipe

We ate these with just enough time to finish the drums. I'd probably put this in the Pinterest fail category. The process of making the drum was really fun, but it didn't really make any noise. If we did it again, maybe I'd throw some rice in it so it would be a maraca.

Our last craft was making the girls' picture board for their room. I've had the pictures printed off for quite a while, but we just haven't 'had the time'. Today, we did it! 

I feel like a post like this just screams that we had an amazing, craft filled, no fighting kind of day. That is somewhat true, but as every mom knows, that is really just about impossible. We definitely had our moments, especially when a large chunk of your day involves a 2 year old and paint....
With that said though, the girls are amazing. They love doing crafts, which I am so thankful for. I can't wait to see what we create this winter and in the years to come!

Last, seems a bit weird to already be in the third trimester, 
but here is me and Baby Girl #3 at 28.5 weeks.