Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving week started off with some Auntie Cara time!!

Emma was able to help with the shredding of the bread for homemade stuffing!!

Sister time... just waiting for Daddy to come home.

I started to not feel very well the morning of Thanksgiving. So..... this is a picture of our meal & the only one I took that day. We were privileged to have Stasos, Teresa, & Baby Clark over for our meal, dessert, and some football. It was wonderful to enjoy some time with our good friends. 

Then, Grandma & Grandpa Udey came down!

Putting up window clings.
Just chillin'

"What?!?! I know I'm cute!"

 This is what Thanksgiving does to you. :)

Jay's dad made some prime rib. It was AMAZING. 

"Who needs Santa when you've got grandparents!"

This is amazing. I thought I had our back closet under control. I knew it could use some help, but check this out! 

SOOOOO thankful for this! Thank you John & Darlynn!

Lily time.


 Jay & I were able to leave the house for an hour or so and just walk around the mall. What a wonder that small chunk of time can do for a mom! Thank you so much!!!
Treat time.

Lovin' her puzzles.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Emma has started playing with flash cards and matching them!

Someone was tired.
 Emma and I have tried to bake something once a week during Lily's morning nap. Here we are making Mini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies!

It's the best one I could get of the 2 of us.

And we do laundry together too :)
Taken 10/5/12

Look how much they have grown in a 1 1/2 months!!!!!!!

We spend lots of time in the tub! 

Grandma came down to visit us this weekend!!! We had such a great time with her! 

Reading Emma's new Princess & The Pea book!
 Last, Emma got to try a powdered sugar doughnut. She wasn't the biggest fan but sure did like the powdered sugar! We also moved her to the table. I think she enjoys sitting with us!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Enjoying the Weather!!!

Our week:

At the end of this video, you can see why Lily is so strong. She's doing some sit-ups! 

Here's a little sister play time :)

 Emma was crawling around acting like a lioness one day. 

Our sweet Lily.

Most people eat the cereal first and slurp up the milk; Emma does it in reverse order.

Baking! We made mini pies!

I enjoyed going to the Women's Coffeehouse again this year. It's a wonderful event that our church puts on and this year 500+ women attended. We heard 5 different stories ranging from why God doesn't answer our prayers how we ask them, our self-image, and bitterness. It is amazing to walk away with a refreshing attitude of thankfulness of what the Lord has saved us from and how He is changing lives all around us.

Now to the title of the post: This past Saturday it was in the 70's! Yes, the 70's!!!! It's less than 24 hours later and I haven't left the house because it is now in the 30's. We decided to take advantage of the last nice day of the year.

Daddy's coming to play with her, can you tell?

Basking in the sun.

"Up high"

Riding her scooter.

Just chilling.

Emma loves going round and round with daddy.

She gets a little dizzy....


The home stretch.

What a big girl!

Climbing the bush.....

.....and she got stuck!
That was the morning. Here's our afternoon! We headed to the park before church!

Last "weeeeeeee" of the summer!