Sunday, June 26, 2016

Swimming Lessons!

The girls did a great job at swimming lessons!!! Lily wasn't the biggest fan of having boy teachers so was able to be in Emma's class. So, they both participated in Level 1 this year. Emma passed and Lily would have too if she met the age requirement. But, she passed her Advanced Water Pups class :)
Until next year!

Lily working on jumping in!

Emma and Lily taking turns at the same time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Summer is flyin' by!!!

About a month ago, our church did a mission trip to the city (m2tc). The amazing organizer, Shaly, gave our group sooo many opportunities to serve as we are Bible study with all families. We packed hundreds of sack lunches to hand out to kids or for other groups to hand out. The girls did some landscaping/weeding and packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It was a great time to spend lots of time with our Community Group and serve our city!

Jay called on his way home one night and told the girls to go outside.
They got to see their first rainbow in person!!!
Emma explaining that God sent a rainbow to promise that
He'd never flood the Earth again. :) 

While the girls were out serving with Jay and Paige was napping, I finished redoing the girls' room!

My parents came down for a few weeks to watch Cara, my cousin Kinsey, and Jay run Dam2Dam. It was also our weekend neighborhood garage sale. They were so helpful in watching the kids to I could have my own sale! It went super well, and we got rid of sooooo much stuff!

Chain saws are so amazing! It's gone!!! YES!!!
Getting pizzas!
Pa babysitting the dolls and girls :)
Thanks to Colleen, I have a few pictures of Jay after Dam2Dam! 
Jay, Stasos, & Halley.
Getting ready to go to the zoo with friends in their new sandals! 

Paige learned to build towers. 
New games. 

Emma teaching Lily to recognize letters. 

Jay's parents came down to celebrate Jay's birthday! 

The girls made Jay a warmed up brownie (made by his mom) with some ice cream on top and a candle :) 
Craft time!

 Date at REI with Lily!

Our community group is splitting a little bit. 3 families are headed out our Altoona church plant, which is super exciting. So, Michelle planned one last girl's night! So thankful for this group of women!

For Father's Day, the girls took some super cute pictures and framed some pictures and wanted to make Jay a coffee mug with the pictures. They did such a great job smiling!!!

Auntie Cara aka human jungle gym. 

Pics to come.... swimming lessons!