Thursday, January 29, 2015

Baby #3's Room

Baby #3's room is almost done. I snapped some pictures earlier this week after the girls and I did a bunch of decorating. There are some final touches, the pom poms from the ceiling, curtains, and possibly a bed skirt, to add. Oh, and we are putting her name on the wall! So, with that said, you all get to see the almost finished room, but not the final product :)

 This may be the only room in our house that has a cool wall.... was quite a bit more work than I thought but totally worth it!
 The girls and I did a bit of 'art work' to decorate her room with. I saw all of these cute ideas on Pinterest to use hands and feet to make jungle animals. So, we had a craft day in sister's room without her even knowing it and made all of these!

4 Year Check-Up

Still blows my mind that we have a 4 year old now! 
I'm sure eventually putting her weight online will be a no-no, but for now, here are her stats:

Height: 39"    32%
Weight: 33 lbs   32%

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Getting Ready...

Anytime you are pregnant and are in the 30 week range, you are asked, "Are you ready?" I always think, of course not! There is always another thing on the list to get done or activity to do as a family of your current size. In the last week we have checked a few things off our lists.

Before the snow melted, we made snowmen and played in the snow.

We painted Baby #3's room. Jay took this picture of me.... we may have to work on angles...

One of my friends mentioned missing being pregnant, as they are done having kids. At this stage, I was like 'you've got to be kidding me!?!?' But, she reminded me to enjoy it as much as I can even throughout the uncomfortable moments and nights. And, she encouraged me to take a picture of my belly.... not a selfie in the mirror :)  This is the first of a few. I wanted Baby #3's room to be done and to snap a few in there. But, we'll start with at least this one. 

 And, a few more pictures of our crazy bunch so far.

Emma is 4!

How have 4 years gone by since Emma was born?!?! It is hard to believe we have a 4 year old living in our house. She is the most helpful, considerate, responsible, and caring 4 year old I know. (I know I might be bias..... but I'm serious!) She is always filling up a glass of water for one of us, helping set the table, asking if we are okay, wanting just to talk, and many other things. We can't imagine life without this little lady. Here are some pictures from her birthday party when Jay's parents were in town the other weekend. 

If you know anything about Emma, you know she loves wearing dresses and princesses. So, I decided to make a Belle birthday cake for her. She was quite surprised.....

Her first response.....
... then she realized Belle was 'in' the cake and
became very concerned for Belle. Quick picture
was taken and Belle was rescued. :)

The more this girl grows up, the more she teaches me, the simple things in life are the best. All she wanted to do for her birthday was watch the sunrise and go to the Science Center with her family. 

The Science Center is way more fun when Dad comes with.

If you can't tell, making rockets with Dad is always her favorite part of going to the SC. 

We asked her over and over again if there was any place special she wanted to go for dinner or an ice cream snack for her birthday. Yet again, she is our simple girl and wanted to have pizza and ice cream cones at home in our pjs. 

Emma continues to amaze us with her personality and heart. I'm sure we are in for quite a ride with this girl as she teaches us things every day.

Bringing the Warm Weather

Jay's parents came last weekend to celebrate Emma's birthday
and brought the warm weather with them!

The first place we stopped.... was Red Robin!

Jay's dad knows the manager from driving bus;
he so graciously gave us this amazing
and delicious piece of ice cream cake!
Grandma braved the weather to help make snowmen!

Lily showing Grandpa how she does her letters.

Morning snuggles.
 We celebrated Emma's birthday Friday night. There was lots of pink and princesses!

Princess Legos!
Putting together her new Legos with Grandpa.
Dinner after church at the mall!
What a great time we had with Grandma and Grandpa. 
It's crazy to think when they come back they will have 3 granddaughters!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dentist Time!

We figured we should get the girls into the dentist before life gets a bit crazy. If any of you know the personality of our kids, this took both of us adults to tackle. They did surprisingly well with the hygienists. The actual dentist, that was another story. But, baby steps. 

I am blown away with the patience they showed us. If anyone one needs an amazing dentist, check out Walnut Hills Peds Dentist in Waukee!!!!!