Sunday, April 17, 2016

Big Creek!

If you know anything about us.... you probably know we aren't the most spontaneous family :/ 
It's something we are working on and having kids helps sometimes! 

A good friend told us about a park they went to that looked like a castle.... yesterday. So, today we had a family day up at Big Creek! The girls loved playing on the wooden castle playground, playing in the sand/water, and having a picnic. 

Photo credit: Emma.
Photo credit: Lily

Apparently something was hilarious...

Their sand castle :)

Friday, April 1, 2016


Easter seemed to come and go so quickly this year as it was much earlier in the year than usual. We found some time to partake in a few 'Easter' activities. Emma did a scavenger hunt at Scheels and the girls enjoyed a little egg hunt at Pump It Up with the neighbor boys. As fun as it was, I feel like most people miss the real reason for Easter. So, we tried to focus a lot of our time end effort so the girls understand the real reason. We used the Resurrection Eggs again, which I highly recommend! 

But, here are some pictures from our week!