Friday, March 29, 2013

Bike Ride

Jay got a bike last week and has been LOVIN' it! My dad picked up a tag-a-long at a garage sale last summer. We decided to take advantage of the warmer day yesterday and hook it up!

Getting buckled in.

Here they go, flying by!

Back home!
Lily and I just hung out. :) 

Lovin' the outdoors!

We followed up our time outside with opening our Easter box from Jay's parents!

Here are the pictures of the day!

She looks so grown up!
Can she get any cuter!?!?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Homemade crafts, homemade bread, and homemade soup!

We've had quite the week working on some fun things at home. A few months ago, Emma decided she was done napping........ mainly because we took her pacifier away for nap times. Now, she gets to have book time and 'fun' time while learning to sit still and be a little quieter than normal. I got some good ideas from a friend and looked some up online. Here is her favorite of the week!
An old oatmeal jar with holes punched in the top. I had some pipe cleaners, and she matches up the colors and pushes them through. We also bought a bunch of beads at the Dollar Store and she strings them on the pipe cleaners. First time playing: 45 minutes of sitting still!

Next: We bought a bread machine! (craigslist is amazing!)
Here are our first 2 attempts. Delicious! 
Plain white bread.

Cutting in!

Peanut butter chocolate chip bread. Hello! 

Last, I made homemade beef stew. I've been wanting to do this the whole winter and just kept forgetting! 

Can't forget the girls. 
Lily's first tooth has popped through! 

And, Emma let me put a cute pony tail in her hair!!!!! For those of you who know me well, I've been waiting FOREVER to do this! She looks so much older to me with it in!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Books & Babes

Because winter has decided to stick around for FAR TOO LONG...... we have decided to enjoy our West Des Moines Library a few more times a week. Emma enjoys the puzzles, blocks, and puppet station. We bring home about 5 books each visit and of course some movies!

Book time with Daddy!

Now on to the babes!

Kisses! But when you get too close to Lily...

...she will pull your hair!

So, Emma's new phrase is, "Lily let go Emma hair."


Stopping for the camera.

Goof ball.


Sisters :)

Monday, March 18, 2013


Since the day they were born (5 days apart), they seem to have developed a lot of the same habits or routines. They were both born at exactly 8lbs 8oz. They have had very similar sleeping habits.... And, they are now both teething at the same time! Here they at less than a week old!

We got the privilege of watching Bowen this weekend while Dylan and Skyla moved! Thus, I learned for a few hours what life with twins would be like. No thank you....... From what I have heard, the first year is hard and they they start playing together. Lily and Bowen are about 7.5 months old, so still in the hard part. I was very thankful that our ladies from Bible study were here to help out during a chunk of the time. Lots of props to moms of twins+. 
Here are their pictures from this weekend!

Goof ball.

What a cutie!

I'm sure they will grow up to be such great friends. Well, that's our hope :)
Here's to Lily and Bowen! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

60 degrees and lovin' it!

This has been Emma's normal response when I try to take pictures of her:
 I bet you let out a chuckle. But, I was sad that I was missing such fun moments of her life. Until today.... Dum Dums are my new best friend!!!!

We took advantage of the weather and played outside..... well Emma played and I took pictures of her while Lily napped. Sounds perfect to me!