Sunday, September 30, 2012

More MN Pics

These pictures have to be shared! They are from Darlynn's camera from our trip to MN.





Go Packers!


All smiles.

Swinging with Grandpa.

After going down the big slide!

Corn box!


The fam!

Lily again :)

Emma chilling with Bobby!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Another MN Trip!!!

Jay had another few days where he had to go to a conference, this time in Colorado. So, the girls and I packed up and went to MN to visit the other grandparents! By the way, my camera cord broke or this would have been updated a LONG time ago. Beware though, I took A LOT of pictures! When I saw A LOT, I'm not joking. Be prepared.

We had an amazing time and were busy busy! 
Emma & Grandma!

Lily enjoying herself!

Dinner time!

Playin' in the tent.

With the pretzel in her mouth, this reminded me of an old western movie! Haha.


 We went to visit my Grandma Reineke. It was so wonderful. Jay's parents actually knew my grandma before Jay and I were even dating. What a small world! We found out on this visit, that Lily was my grandma's 23 GREAT-GRANDCHILD!!!!! How crazy is that!?!?! And, she can name them all! It was wonderful talking with her and letting her meet yet another great-granddaughter!

Emma was putting her penguin to bed at Great Grandmas.
 After the visit with Great Grandma Reineke, we went to Cabela's! I loved this place when I was a little girl, and I think our girls will love it too! We went to look at all the animals!! Emma loved it!

Love this face!
 After nap time that day, we headed to a park! 

Doesn't this make you feel warm!



Emma's new Elmo "Mo" from Grandma!

 Emma enjoyed time with Grandpa in his Man Cave. Driving already!?!?!

Enjoying the tent they built!

All smiles!


....reading some more.
 Saturday, Grandpa had a secret place we were heading too. We went to a pumpkin patch!!! It was so fun and exactly what I even needed. Confession: this was the first pumpkin patch for all 3 Udey ladies in this family. I have never been to one; this was such an enjoyable time and so relaxing!

Lily really enjoyed it :)

Here we go!!!

Someone loves her Grandpa!

Driving again!?!

The bounce house!


What a cute witch.
 So, Emma wasn't tall enough to go on this slide..... but Darlynn asked and I volunteered to take her. She was in LOVE with this slide. We only made it about 4 time I think as I had to carry her up the ladder and was getting winded! 
It was even fun for me!
Another bouncy thing.... well this time Grandpa hopped in!

Emma trying to chase him!

I think we need a corn box!

She wanted to swim in it!

Emma and Grandma!

Cute pumpkin!

Checking out the animals!
 Off to the hayride!

Back home to relax!


 Bath time before heading back to Des Moines! 

Emma apparently needed to dance just a little more before we left. :)

We had SUCH a wonderful time!!!!! 
(If you can't tell from the pictures!)