Wednesday, September 30, 2015

7 Months

A little over 7 months have gone by since sweet Paige came into our family. Emma and I took a few pictures of her the other day to capture Paige at this age. 

She gets up on all 4 all the time... and then just starts rolling everywhere. 

Then, she'll stop and almost be able to sit herself up. 

But, then she'll see something and be off again. 

She manages to get most things she sees by rolling or getting up on all fours and then stretching. 
She's moved her legs a few times. 

Oh and she yells.... a lot and is really loud. :)

Friday, September 18, 2015


We decided to take advantage of this past Wednesday's wind! 

I'm glad they had tons of fun as about 4 hours after this the flu hit us hard. :( 

Just some random pics.
Cuties getting clean!
This weekend we were on and off with fevers....
why not head to the splash park where hopefully
the chlorine kills all the germs!
On the computer like Daddy.
Fort time!
Ahhhh so cute!
Gorgeous girls in their pjs.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This last week we also started something new... school! We started Pre-K with Emma this past Friday. Excited to see where homeschooling takes us!

My goal is to take a picture of each girl in front of our house to see the difference from Pre-K all the way to 12th grade. Yes. I'm going to make them do this until 12th grade :) 

We didn't plan to start school until after Labor Day, but this girl was toooooo excited!

Busy Bees...

We have had a busy week. Zumba started last week, and it is now during Paige's nap. That just meant I had a real reason not to be in the room with the girls... I had to walk Paige to get her to sleep. After class, Emma asked me if l 'could just never come in the room again'! What!?!? Is this the same girl that 6 months ago didn't even step foot on the floor? Yes it is. We are so proud of how far she has come!! Therefore, there are no pictures of Zumba except this one I snapped today before class because I have been 'kicked' out of the room by both Emma and Lily!

Yesterday the girls started ballet class together and Awanas. Jay and I were almost in shock at how AMAZING they both did at ballet. Emma was a completely different girl this time around. Even the teacher commented on how well she did (which means she must have left an impression the first time around).
I sat up last night watching these still somewhat still in shock....

This year for Awanas, Lily is a Cubbie, and Emma is a Sparky! They both did pretty well for the second new thing in one night. Our good friends Mason and Riley are doing Awanas this year too!!! So Lily and Riley got to start Cubbies together. I'll try next week for a picture of Emma and Mason. 

Here is to a very busy beginning of the week for a few weeks....