Monday, October 26, 2015


.... we have been a little under the weather and been chasing Paige around. 
But, we have had a few big things happen in our house! 

Earlier this month we went to a free pumpkin patch with friends. 
The girls had some fun!

Lily is liking school more and more the more it has to do with cutting and pasting. :)

We intended to paint the school room next spring, but Emma went through her Pre-K material super fast. So, she started Kindergarten, but not before painting the school room!

Lily is a great helper! Photo credit: Emma. 

Cookies with friends! 

Enjoying the outdoors. 

I just love our maple tree in the back yard!

Snack time with Dad. 

Gorgeous girls!

The girls with their goodies from the Halloween box from 
Grandma and Grandpa in Florida. 

Paige watching her first movie. (for a few moments, until she saw a toy) :)

Lily is more of an early bird.... but when sent back to bed to wait until their light is green (like an alarm clock but with colors) she is not always the most quiet kid. They have always known life together and have always shared a room. But, we've decided to do a trial run on them having their own room to see if Emma can get some more sleep.
Last night sharing a room.
First night in her own room! 
First night in her own room!
This year we decided to try Night Eyes at the Zoo. Emma wasn't all that impressed, but Lily really enjoyed taking pictures the whole time. We had special guests, Auntie Cara and GG come with us! 

Cara dressed up too.

We jumped on some inflatables and then had to ride the 
carousel as it is much different at night with all the lights!  

And, the whole gift store was 50% off so why not get cute water cups!?!?

Paige hanging out with GG.

Then, this morning we had Lily's 'happy' heart check. As she's over 3 and they still heard a bit of a murmur at her check up, we headed to cardiology to rule out everything. She is 100% healthy, and her murmur could go away tomorrow or never. It won't effect her physical ability to do anything! Praise God! She did amazing, and they said they aren't sure if it could have gone any smoother. What a great girl! She kept telling them how tall she was and that she is growing taller. Looking back, she did grow 1/2" in less than 2 months. Impressive Lily :)

She got a little bored waiting for results :) 

Smoothie time at Caribou.

Somehow, Paige turned 8 MONTHS OLD!!!!! Ah, how is this happening! She is loving crawling and can move pretty fast. This has in a kind of nice way made our house a little more clean, well maybe our floors. :) She doesn't like to sit still much in her high chair or the stroller unless we are on the move. She's been making lots more noise lately too.... wonder what her first word will be!?!?! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Little Miss Mover

We have a crawler. This video is from almost a week ago, and I feel like Paige has doubled her speed. I leave her in one spot, turn around, look back, and she is many feet away from me. It has made life a little more interesting as she has yet to hit the 8 month mark and is crawling. 

Many of you have asked me if the other girls started crawling this soon. Thanks to the blog, one of the reasons I LOVE having this, I looked it up! Here are our 'little' girls when they learned to crawl:

(I know there is a video of her walking sooner than this, but I can't find it!)

We shall see when Miss Paige decides to start walking :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Lily and Emma just finished up a 6 week class of ballet. They had so much fun. It was a very different experience from last year, for the better! Here are pictures from their final class. They are soooo cute!!