Saturday, November 29, 2014


This was the first snow of the year that was shovel worthy. It was a bit before Thanksgiving, but the girls loved shoveling and throwing snow balls!

We started out the weekend and week leading up to Thanksgiving pretty rough. Emma had an ear infection, possibly strep and Lily had influenza A. Jay and I also got colds. So, our Thanksgiving was a bit more low key than normal. We are still slowly recovering. We have many things to be thankful for; wonderful doctors, tea, speedier recoveries than expected, medicine, Vitamin C drinks, crackers, and lots of cuddles, coffee, and prayers!

Thanksgiving preparations.

Auntie Cara was our guest this year for Thanksgiving. 

Yep, all this was for 2 kids and 3 adults!

Putting up the Christmas tree!
Making ornaments.

Most people go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. 
We hung out at home and gave Lily a BIG, big girl bed! She absolutely loves it!

Moving the crib to the baby's room while the girls work out.
This is what you find when your kids disappear for a bit with the camera!

Heading out to build a snowman!

Lily taking a cat nap on Daddy while under the weather.
Emma is in love with the Christmas tree.
Gorgeous girls!
Our family! 

I have been trying to take a few more videos of Lily as she is simply hilarious! I have yet to capture her funniest sayings but wanted to start getting a few up. 

"I want pie."

Just a normal meal at our house. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

One Step Closer to A Big Bed

We decided to take baby steps to a big bed with Lily. It's hard to believe Emma was in a big bed at 16 months as Lily is now 26 months old.... and if we weren't having Baby #3, there would be no rush. But, we dove in. 

Her first moments in her big girl bed.


Then, the girls started playing 'night-night'. 
So, I was able to get some cute pics of Lily enjoying her new bed.

Can't leave out this ray of sunshine.

As you can see, Lily is enjoying her new big bed immensely. She has done a pretty good job staying in it too. We'll see how the transition goes from this to the real big bed in a month or so!