Thursday, September 29, 2011


DO IT YOURSELF. It is the kind of projects I'm into right now.
I recently made a skirt out of an old mens dress shirt. Super easy! I did the waistband a little different than the picture, but it was so easy! Shirt-2-Skirt Tutorial  It turned out great; I didn't take any pictures. Talk about a first!

Here's the DIY project I just finished!!!! 
I went to the thrift store and bought 2 black t-shirts.

After some cutting, sewing, and sweat (j/k), this is what it turned out to be!

A close up!
How I plan to wear it!
It's not perfect, but it kept me busy for a day or so. If you want to try, here's the tutorial! Shirt Tutorial

Our little bugger is moving around pretty quickly these days. If she sees something she wants, she's off. If you've never been to our house, we don't have any staircases. We have one step, one 1/2 step, and one little chunk that can be considered a 1/4 of a step. Emma encountered the 1/2 step yesterday and this was her response....

Well, it won't upload here... so here's the link to Facebook where it is.
I love how her little butt gets a little stuck!

Then, this morning before we left, she conquered it up and down! 

Since yesterday was so beautiful, we spent some time outside!

She smiles so much with her eyes!

Last, Emma's newest habit! She mainly does this after she eats. Maybe she's trying to find any left overs on her face :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Muscle Woman!

Emma is quite a strong little lady. Sometimes she'd rather do this than play with the toy the way it's suppose to be played with. Go figure. :)

Showing off her bling :)

Check out these cute shoes!

Jay thought they looked easy to put on her.... Hmmm

Emma is now learning more and more how to pull herself up. I had the camera on picture instead of video, so here are a few snapshots of her getting up there!


Most times when she wakes up, this is what I get to hear. I love it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Things!!

With the weather getting a little chillier, I have wore a sweatshirt in the mornings. Emma has discovered the hoodie strings! They kept her content and quiet for 20 minutes at Mom's Circle! Looks like I'll be wearing more sweatshirts while they entertain her!

Emma always enjoys time with daddy, especially when reading a book!
Our fall treat! Warm cinnamon rolls out of the oven and hot cocoa!

 Cara came over this past Sunday and spent most the day with us!

Emma's fun new thing to grab, your cheeks!!
Prepare to laugh.... Cara and I could not stop laughing at this picture!

I feel like she looks like a grown-up librarian!

That's more like it; little girl glasses.

Emma and mommy.
 Another new thing, Emma has been sucking on her top lip. I think it has something to do with her SECOND tooth coming in!!!!! She's a hoot doing it though!

Last, I have taught Emma something! When she's crawling on the ground and would like to be picked up I have her touch my hand. Most times she is crying and I make her make some kind of effort to come to me. But, here's a pleasant video of it. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heat + Emma = ???

Yesterday and today have been the beginning of summer heat wise. 
Today, I finally got to making Jay's lunches for the week. Yes, I know it's Wednesday....
So, Emma and I were cooking some noodles and brats on the stove. I had to set her down to drain the noodles and this is what I turned around too. 
Heat + Emma = NAP!

Speaking of napping, I talked with a few moms and my neighbor lady who owns a daycare. We tried a new method for Emma's naps and she's doing well. She has taken 4 naps in her crib! I'm loving it, because this means I can sneak in a nap on days like today when I'm just a bit tired. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We've got an army crawler!

Emma has started army crawling everywhere!
Here's a few videos of her getting around!

Look at this form!

Here's Emma laughing, playing with her toys, and reading some books!

I know video overload.... but for those who don't get to see our little baby... this is only a small bit of our world they get to see.

Emma's tooth has come in pretty well! She doesn't like me touching it much, but I do anyway :) Just to get a good picture.

I had to take pictures of Emma the day she wore this outfit. She looked so grown up to me!

Last, a little DIY I did! Our weekly planner! I found this on the website Pinterest. It's such an amazing site! I could spend so much time on there! And, we already had this frame in our house. You just put whatever kind of paper you'd like where you would put a picture and write the days of the week on the paper. Then, you just use a wipe board marker to write on the glass! It's wonderful!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sun AM w/ my baby

Emma and I had a few errands to run this morning. But, we had some time to enjoy a fountain out in West Glenn and some coffee. :) Well, I enjoyed the coffee and she enjoyed the fountain. I love this little girl so much!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do You Know What Yesterday Was?

A little info on our baby princess before the answer to the question. :) Miss Emma is getting a little better at the first stages of crawling. Here's the evidence. 

Until she masters crawling, this is how I'm sure she'll continue to get around.

Now to the title of the post. Yesterday was September 7th. Does anyone know what holiday it was? I'll let you think for a moment. While you think, I'll tell you a story. At our Bible Study, we were talking about all the crazy holidays there are. Yes, there are a million. Jay was wondering why there wasn't a day for stay-at-home moms or working dads. (yes, we mentioned Mother's Day & Father's Day) 
So, yesterday, in the Udey household, it was "Thanks for going to work everyday and being such a hard worker" Day. Emma and I had a blast getting dinner ready and dressing up for daddy. He noticed we were dressed up when he came home and asked what today was. (Jay is always worried he is going to forget important dates) I asked him if he forgot what today was..... He started to get worried, so I made him read the card we made him. What a wonderful surprise; he really didn't forget anything. I appreciate Jay working hard so I can stay at home with Emma. Sometimes, I just need to show him in a different way! 

Here's what Emma begged me to wear! I think this is more proof that I have been given the most beautiful little girl in the world!

While we waited for daddy to come home, we worked on clapping. She's getting better and better!

And, there's always time for a good laugh. What a cutie!

Thanks honey and daddy for working so hard!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend in MN!

This past weekend was our first vacation as a family. We spent 2 days with my family and then 2 days with Jay's family. There are SOOOOO many pictures to share!

Toys, toys, toys. 
Auntie Abby doing a great job feeding Emma.
Emma loving the dogs!
GiGi time!

One afternoon, my dad came running in the house and told us all to come outside. To our amazement, a momma snapping turtle had laid eggs in their yard and the eggs all hatched that day! My dad noticed them at the perfect time! We found a total of 24 baby snappers. 

Grandpa time!
She sat with him for so long!
Emma with Auntie Nina.
Wyatt sharing with Emmy. (what he calls her)
Auntie Abby being silly with Emma.

My dad is remodeling the upstairs at their house. There was one ton of sheetrock to put up upstairs. The plan was to take each piece through the window. It went pretty well. 

Joel directing traffic.
Emma playing in the grass. 
So intense!
Bronson, Jay, neighbor Brian, Joel, and my dad all at work!

Off to Jay's parents....

Playing with blocks!
Emma had so much play time. Jay's mom also took her for many walks in the house so I was able to rest. It was much appreciated!

Play time with Grandpa!

Emma loving being with her grandparents. 
What a wonderful weekend! Our time at each place was so relaxing. We enjoyed a fire at my parent's house and playing Jay's dad's new PS3. 
(our arms are still a little sore) 

Emma came back with 2 new habits. She has learned to stick her tongue out and spit at the same time. Gross. The other is.... Emma has learned to clap! We clap and say "Yeah" and she claps back. Amazing she can learn!