Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Voyage to MN!

There are A LOT of pictures from MN this time. With winter coming and Baby #3 due at the end of February, I don't foresee getting back very soon. The girls and I spent just over a week there and made many enjoyable memories. Between my phone, good camera, and small one from the diaper bag, they may not all be in order. 

Hot dogs and s'mores over the fire many times!
My mom gave Emma this crown; she rarely took it off. 

Getting ready to pick apples.

Bop and his youngest grandkids!
Auntie Abby and the girls.

Playing outside.

If you have kids, you'd know, all of vacation isn't smiles and giggles :)

Peeling apples for apple pies!

The girls LOVED Snickers this trip and couldn't get enough of him!

The oldest....

... the youngest....

We had lots of fun on the trampoline at Nina's during my parents surprise anniversary party. There is a different post for that. Found here: Surprise 35th Anniversary Party

We stopped at a park on the way home to burn some energy.

I got to share a bed with this beauty.

Getting her hair combed. 

Finally took a nap on Day 6. 

Last morning together. 

Visiting Great Grandma Reineke.
Emma taking a selfie on the way home.
Emma snapping pics on the way home.