Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Our church had a mission trip to Des Moines. We find different organizations, individuals, churches, and companies to serve and love in unique ways. From literally picking up horse poop to delivering coffees, our group did a lot of different things. The girls and I helped out at the zoo the first day with the building of some airplanes. Of course, we had to take a quick stroll around the zoo afterwards. 

 Emma absolutely loved the elephant and hippo that spray out a mist of water.

Soaking wet!

Brave girl!
We let Jay do most of the hard work the rest of the days. We hung out at the Downtown location while people painted. It was fun to enjoy being around our Community Group and watch them serve together. 

Ready for the BBQ

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Yesterday, we went to the Greeno's! We spent a few hours there, and the girls loved it!
Snack time!
Drying off and enjoying some books.
Sprinkler time.

I turned around and this stinker was eating my whip cream!

Emma was so brave!
I forgot these were on the camera from a day we hit the park while our house was being shown. The girls are hard to keep up with at the park now!

Drink break!
Brave little girl. 
Lily aka "the climber"
There she goes!

Stopping for a drink. 

Thankful for the little camera in the diaper bag! 

Finally Sunny Weather!

It's been a cold, dreary May, but all that changed this week! 
The sun came out, and we have been enjoying it.
More Lily's style....
Gorgeous little lady.
She LOVES drinking out of water bottles.

And, playing in the sand is #1 on her outside activities!

They play so well together.

All while we watch this man mow.
Time is flying....
I'll throw these pictures in from a rainy day...she loves her daddy!