Sunday, February 21, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance

Emma and Lily got to go with Jay to their first Daddy Daughter Dance tonight. I let them each take a little camera with them. The pictures are just too sweet to keep to myself!

Pictures from Lily's Camera: 

Addie and Chris!
Lily with her new purse!
'Look, Mom, Charlotte was there!"
The girls with Elsa. :)
Pictures from Emma's Camera: 
They all went out to eat with some friends before the dance.

Rolls reversed! Emma ;)
This starts a string of many pictures of Payton and Jordyn together :)

Noah & Rozlyn!

All the beautiful girls!
Snack time.
More snacks.
The girls with Belle!
The girls with Cinderella!

Here they are! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Lily has been pretty consistently asking to get her ears pierced. 
After a month of asking, we finally did it! She was so brave! 

First picture with her ears pierced!!

There were some tears, but she finished strong. 
I also let her pick out one of these things to put money in and that was a pretty sweet treat!

We stopped by a store or two in the mall, and she just kept asking me to take her picture :)

And, we topped the night off with some play place jumping!