Monday, August 8, 2016

Olympics Party

We hosted our Community Group Olympic Party this past weekend. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but you'll have to believe me that it was just awesome.

I gathered ideas from multiple blogs over the months, yes months. 
Our events included:
Hit Me- Dad's had shaving cream shower caps and the kids threw cereal at their heads! Dad who had the most at the end of 20 seconds wins!
'Mom'- Moms were blindfolded and kids were spread throughout the yard and said 'mom' until each mom found all their kids!
Multi-tasking Dad: Each dad had to change a diaper, text a grocery list shouted by the mom, and put a pony in their daughter's hair.
Marshmallow Launch: Whoever spit theirs the furthest won!
Name that Flag: 20 flags around the yard; identify as many as possible. 
Family Pic: You had to take a family picture to quality for the trophy!

The Champions/Gold Medalists! The Reischls!

The Pouchers brought some sparklers, which I thought was the perfect way to end the night!

Indianola Balloon Classic

Heading to the Indianola Balloon Classic was on my summer bucket list. But.... we kind of forgot it was going on until Thursday (which was Lily's birthday). So, we headed down Friday after Jay got home from work at 6. We decided to watch from afar as we have never gone to this before, left DSM so late, and have a wild 17 month old. I'm glad we did, and I think we'll be going back and watching a little bit closer next year!

Jay was so great and played/walked with Paige while we watched all the balloons start flying. 
Can't wait until next year!

Lily is 4!

Sweet Lily is 4 years old now! 
We celebrated her birthday as a family the night of her birthday. She was very particular about her cake: circle, chocolate with raspberry filling, & chocolate buttercream frosting. It was so good!

Because it's so hard to wait until 6 when dad was going to get home that day, Lily got to open a present at breakfast and lunch :)

Birthday girl requested pizza for her bday dinner!


For Lily's party, she wanted to celebrate by heading to the Cheesecake Factory 
with two of her good friends, Riley and Luca. 

Riley and Luca's moms (Michelle and Kayla) surprised Lily (and me!) with these giant balloons! We were definitely the talk of the Cheesecake Factory, and they knew who we were before we even requested a table. Lily felt so special and loved!  

Trips to the bathroom were done it true girl fashion: a group!

Then that night, Jay's parents came into town to celebrate Lily!

Height: 39 1/2" tall
Weight: 32 lbs
Lily gained 1 lb this year but grew 3 inches!!! No wonder we thought she had stretched out!