Sunday, July 25, 2010

An eventful weekend

This week was a busy week and went right into a busy weekend.
We have taken up a new 'sport' if you can call it that. Here are some pictures:

I decided to add a Y to the first picture, because I really think the brand of traps should be VICTORY, especially when you catch one. Then, Jay was really pumped about the second picture, so I had to put it on here. We don't have mice in our house, but have them outdoors. We've decided to take preventative measures and trap them now before it gets cold out and they would rather be in our warm house. Our count is up to three and hopefully we'll get them all.

We had our friends Marina and Kevin over for dinner Friday night before enjoying a very intense game of.... you guessed it... kickball. Of our friends, many of us are part of two different Bible studies; so it was Bible study vs. Bible study. We all thought it would be another hot muggy humid night, but it started lightly raining during the first few rounds and then just down poured multiple times. I enjoyed watching while Jay enjoyed playing. It was a blast to have fun playing/watching no matter what the weather did.

Saturday was busy and today also has been. Cara, my (Jill's) sister, was back in town from a family vacation and came over to enjoy breakfast with us and a trip to Aldi's. It's always fun to have her back. :)

For lunch we had our friends Jamie and Dave and also Kayla and Kerry over for lunch. Jay enjoyed cooking ribs and chicken for us all!

It was delicious and we enjoyed having company over at the house.

Last but not least, here's the most recent picture of my growing belly. Jay just snapped a picture of it so it's fresh off the press.

Until next week, stay cool :)

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  1. We enjoyed coming over today and will look forward to next time! We will have to host next time. It was also nice to meet your friends Kerry and Kayla. They are so fun and will look forward to seeing them again too.

    About the mice.. have you ever thought of getting a cat and having it be an outdoor cat. Just a thought and then you guys don't have to do the dirty work. :)

    PS Your belly is adorable. I wish I had taken pictures of my growing belly with Jaxson. You will love having this to look back on. :)