Saturday, September 25, 2010

A lot has happened!!!

The big day came, September 13th....
We found out we are having a baby GIRL!!!!! She's growing like a weed in there lately. I started to feel her kick a little and the doctor said she is healthy as can be. We were even told she has some big biceps :) Here's a picture as of today:

My parents came down to finish the fireplace. It used to be 100% painted brick, and it was a thick coat of white paint. Through many groups of friends and family coming over to do the hard scrubbing of paint removal we got the majority off. My parents came down Monday and Tuesday and finished it off by sandblasting the whole thing. Here are the pictures!

Before and after!!!!!

Here's what it looked like if you were standing in the kitchen. Then of course I had to snap a picture of the hard workers :)

Finally, we set up the changing table and crib between the last post and this one. It made it a little more surreal that in 120ish days she'll be here. But, here's what her room looks like and a few early gifts we've been given :)

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