Friday, November 5, 2010

One Shower Down, Another Tomorrow

Two weekends ago we made the trip to Minnesota, a trip we hadn't made since my older sister Nina got married in June! Nina and my Aunt Pat put on a shower for us and our growing baby, in which we were blessed with many gifts from family and very close friends. It was a bit chillier being farther north but it gave us a taste of what we'll have soon down here. We acquired many new items including: super cute outfits for our little girl, a tree swing, an inflatable bathtub, a baby book, many toys, and even our high chair! I know I'm missing things, but we are so thankful for each and every gift. We also got to see the dresser for the first time that will be in her room! I sent my mom on a hunt one day and she ended up making a great deal with the guy. All that has to be done is a little sanding and some paint and it will be ready for her room!

I found it a little ironic that we both chose to wear blue that day.
I promise we are having a girl :)

We're getting ready for the winter season. Tonight our Bible study is coming over to help rake leaves. It will be an adventure but one well worth it. I'm planning on frying up some Minnesota caught sunfish and crappies for dinner. I know I'm looking forward to munching on a few as the chef must try the food before hand :) I'm hoping to get some pictures up from this event as we are so blessed to have extra bodies to help us tackle our large yard.

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