Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Squirrelin' Around

Miss Emma is growing up faster than I can imagine. She is strengthening her neck more and more each day; so I decided to get the Bumbo chair out for a try. She did pretty well! We'll keep working on it.

Yesterday, I dressed Emma in a special outfit. She was able to wear the outfit my mom dressed me in when I came home from the hospital. Crazy to think I was only a little smaller when I was born than she is now! Yikes!

 Now to the reason for the title....

 Emma and I watched this out the window today.
He started out with a whole piece of bread.

Nibbling away...

Almost done....

Before we could get a picture of him all finished, he got away on us. But, we enjoyed watching.

She's found her hands and is learning how to hit things!!!!!! Enjoy what I get to see everyday!

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