Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trip to Wisconsin

This past weekend, Jay's parents, the girls, and I headed to Wisconsin to see the Udey family. I'll let the photos do that talking.

Blowing bubbles.

Walking around Delevan.

We got to visit John's mom while there. The girls warmed up to her so well!

One of my fav pics from the weekend.

Out for breakfast.

We found out Lily loved dipping things in ranch.
We spent an afternoon at Aunt Mary and Uncle Doc's house.

Bella and Emma.
Joshua and Lily.
Melissa doing bubbles with the kids.
We stayed with Aunt LuLu (Laurie) and Uncle Chaim. Emma warmed up a bit to Aunt LuLu, but we'll have to work on Uncle Chaim the next time we see him.

S'more for dessert the first night we were in Wisconsin.

Playing ball with Aunt LuLu.

Helping Aunt LuLu set the table.
All 4 cousins together.
We had such a great time and felt so welcome. Hard to believe the last time I saw most of them was at our wedding over 4 years ago!

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