Saturday, February 21, 2015


Thought I'd throw up a few random photos and videos so I don't forget about them!

This girl is doing soooo well at AWANAs and 4 year old kids class. We are slowly improving on many different things and this week her vest got updated! Emma is now sporting 4 patches!!!! 

Emma all dolled up for her first time in the 4 year old Kids Class at church!

This house is full of dancers.... mainly Emma. 
She is very into dressing like a ballerina and learning new ballet moves. She is doing quite well!

There is also A LOT of singing that goes on in our house, the van, and everywhere we go. 
Lily has quite the pair of lungs :)

The girls have been amazing going to doctor appointments with me. I regularly get check out by them, asked how things are going with the baby, when I'm due, and how she is doing. This particular day, they were pretending to be pregnant with me as I had hit the 39 week mark. They are just way too cute. :)

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