Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blessed & Thankful

We have been so blessed with such amazing family & friends.

This wonderful woman came over the day we had Paige and watch the girls. Her and her husband then spent the night with the girls. They have such great attitudes and are so wonderful with kids.
We couldn't have done it without you April and Joel! Thank you!

My parents came down Thursday to watch the girls. I had them make a quick pit stop at the hospital to say hi to their newest granddaughter. 

Jay's parents arrive tomorrow to meet Paige! They were present in the hospital with flowers and the sweetest care package with candies, socks, lotion, chap stick, word searches (my fav to stay awake when nursing), and many other things!

Auntie Cara came by after work to meet Paige!

This amazing woman tackled watching her two kids and our two kids at home Thursday morning and is pregnant. Huge shout out to Skyla for being soooo helpful to us while we were in the hospital.

Kerry & Kayla have been some of our best friends for quite a few years. 
So thankful they could stop in to visit!

Sweet, sweet Michelle has a crazy love for babies. 
She is so wonderful bringing her cheery smile, gifts, and Costco cookies. :)

Our good friends Jennifer and Dustin made an early morning stop in on
Friday as they were headed upstairs to meet their son right after this picture. 

Their sweet daughter, Everly, stopped in with Jennifer's mom to meet Paige.
They were anxiously waiting to meet their new brother/grandson. 

Here are some extra pictures from when we were lounging around the house Friday and Saturday. 

My parents, Emma, and I decided to have a Caribou date before they left.

Obviously, I cannot forget about this amazing man. I am beyond thankful that he is the one I am married too. He gets me like no one else. It has been great having him here for a few days to just be together as a family and to have the extra hands to play with the girls, read books, do dishes, do laundry, and just to have someone to talk to. 

I know in the next days, weeks, months, and years there will be many others that help us out so much. We are very thankful for where God has placed us, who He has placed around us, and what He has in store for our family of 5!

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