Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get Excited!!!!!

Because summer is here!!!! With that, we have been on the go playing with friends at the park or just simply enjoying our first summer at our new house.  Before all those pictures, there is more exciting news to announce.....

Jay got a new job! He continues to work at Workiva and is now a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test! He was able to come home to some super cute girls holding signs, and then we celebrated by going out to Jethros as a family! For anyone who knows our family, this is a big deal. We rarely go out to eat to celebrate something let alone without a coupon :) So, congrats to the hard working man of our house!!

As adults in the house, we decided to limit our intake of sweets during the month of June. Eeekkk.... the last day of May, we decided to make cupcakes. But, I doubled one ingredient on accident, and we had to go back and double everything. So, instead of making 12 cupcakes..... we made 32! This was an awesome opportunity for us to get to know our neighbors. We had the girls load up the wagon and deliver cupcakes!

I have to tell the world how sweet our 4 year old is. She is one of the people that I believe serves me the most. We are with each other for 12 hours straight most days, and she is my extra set of hands. I told her one morning that we needed to clean up before our Community Group came over that night. She told me, "I'll just pretend to be Cinderella and clean up the house for you." With most kids, you'd take that as a joke.... but this is just a bit of the cleaning she did. :) 

Pictures of our two youngest!

I will treasure these pictures as they get older. Love watching them sleep :)

Here is some exciting news..... This was Paige after sleeping in her OWN crib!!!!! She is now in her own room for the nights. 

She has taken one nap in her crib, but I'm not as picky about that if she's sleeping through the night. 

We enjoyed some time at the park this past weekend for some much loved family time. 

And, this morning it was warm enough out to play in the pool at 9:30! They love having friends over!

And, I'll leave you with this beauty who was 12 lbs 7 oz at 3 months!

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