Monday, October 12, 2015

Road Trip

One of my best friends and I tried to road trip to see another best friend a few weeks ago and my kids came down with the flu. I'm so thankful we could quickly reschedule. 3 weeks quickly passed by, and we were on the road. It was just the two of us! 
We rented a car, said goodbye to our kids and husbands, and hit the road to St. Louis. 

Michelle and I at a pretty sketchy bathroom at a park....
I took pictures of our travels for the girl, which basically includes bridges. 

We happen to take a wrong turn and end up downtown St. Louis. Although we would have rather gotten to Skyla's 30 minutes sooner we were able to see where the Rams play, lots of people heading to the Cardinals/Cubs game, and see the Arch up close! We made the best of it!

Here are the kids!!!

I got the privilege to drink out of this sweet cup that has traveled to St. Louis with Skyla. 

How is he 4 months old already!?!?

Reece all dolled up for church with Dylan.

Michelle getting in some baby time!

Bowen working on his letters. 

Another sweet bridge. 

Skyla took us to her super cute coffee shop that she is able to get away to to relax and spend time with the Lord. I love being able to envision this when she tells me that she's getting away to read. 

Jay and the girls did great. Paige is teething so some crankiness comes along with that. But I came home to some sweet decorations, laundry done, a pretty clean house, and a wonderful family. 
So thankful for a few days away. Until next time...

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