Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time is Flying!

Time is flying by. 
Our weekends have been pretty busy lately with weddings and birthday parties. 
Throughout the week we have no problem staying busy whether we are out or just staying at home.

Family picture at a wedding!
The girls got to have 7up at the wedding to hold them off until dinner. 
They loved it!

The week of Thanksgiving, Jay wanted to smoke some meat, and he did! 
Getting 1 of 2 chickens ready. 

The girls loved this one: The Boston Butt. They would just run around the house saying they were going to go help dad check on the butt in the smoker. Quite the day that was.  

This picture is in the 5-6 o'clock hour of the morning when it went in. 

 Lily upgraded to a bed with a headboard and frame! 
She is enjoying it a ton!

For Thanksgiving lunch this year we decided to go with something a little lighter. 
This meal was delicious!!!! 

Maggie came over and enjoyed a few hours of Thanksgiving with us.

Then, we put up the Christmas tree! 

We have been doing quite a few Christmas crafts. They go on sale at Michaels really early and have great coupons so I stocked up for the winter! 

Decorating the gingerbread house. 

 Making cookies.

Paige getting into everything :)

Lily has been working on her letters and can write most of her name, 
(Y's are hard!) and can write Emma's name now! 

Jay's parents send us a St. Nicholas box. 
The girls love getting anything in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa, but this one is special!

Sporting some new pjs!

They each got a new princess Barbie and have really enjoyed playing with them!

Lily requested her hair to be braided one day. It was tough, but we got some little braids in!

We celebrated a good friends 6th birthday! The girls both took some swings at a pinata. 

Both girls decided last week that they would like to do the Awana's Christmas program. 
Here they are at practice.

I'm sure the next post will be just as random and full of fun as this one! 

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