Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Week!

We have had quite the week. The pictures show all the 'goods' of the week, but we have had a few 'bads' too.... Burning dinner enough to have smoke billowing out of the oven, getting your credit card 'captured' by the ATM (their words not mine) (and totally thought it was my debit card), a few falls, bumps, bruises, and scrapes, and a handful of tears. But, we takes pictures of those things? 
So, here are our sweet memories from this past week!

Caribou with friends!

Playing Checkers.

I took the girls to Raccoon River for the first time. Not sure why we haven't done this before; they had such a blast. And, it was 85 degrees out that day!

I got to go hang out with my sister and get my hair cut and colored.... purple!!!

Today, Mother's Day, there was a race that started and ended at the Capitol. The Capitol happens to be one of Lily's favorite places in Des Moines. And, there was a kids race! The girls participated in their first 100 meter dash and then Emma and I complete the 5K. 

Their fan club!

Emma running!

Here goes Lily!

Starting the 5K!

Later that day, we broke in the new KitchenAid! This dessert looks super tasty but sadly will fall into the 'bad' category. It was actually so bad no one even took a bite of it and we went and got ice cream instead :/

Amazing dinner! Shells and cheese, salad, asparagus, and smoke ribs!
And, a few cuddles with a sick baby throughout the day and into the next day. 
I'll take them as Paige is by far our least cuddly baby.  

What a wonderful week. Excited to bring another sibling into this trio of awesomeness :) 

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