Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vacation: Omaha!

We decided this winter that we were going to do a family trip this summer before Baby #4 comes. 
With everything ready, we left last Sunday for Omaha!

We explored our first hotel and tried to find the biggest fish in the rivers and ponds inside the hotel! One of the workers even let the girls feed the fish breakfast, which they thought was pretty cool. 

First day of travels took a toll on Lily at about 5:30 when we headed to dinner. 

After dinner we headed to the famous Ted & Wally's Ice Cream. A lady was chatting with me about the girls and I didn't really notice that Paige had her entire mouth and nose in my ice cream...I think she liked it. 

Lily asked for a picture by this elephant statue. Cute!

We hit a small candy store across from the hotel before burning off some sugar swimming in the pool!

We have heard how amazing the Omaha Zoo is from so many friends. We got to the zoo at 9:30 and since Paige snuck in a little cat nap, we stayed until 2:30! The girls were such troopers walking the entire time - the train ride :)

In the jungle!

Real elephants!

Taking a break from walking and the heat with a little train ride.

Carousel time!

We are excited as they are adding on to the zoo and can't wait to come back and see it when it's done!

Desert dome time!

Lily asked if she could poke herself with the cactus needle and then take a picture with it.... Inquisitive mind. 

Stopping for a snack!

Lily reeeaaaalllllyyy wanted to see a shark. So the last place we headed was the aquarium. They had a touch tank and we were all able to touch the sea stars and even see a baby shark about a foot from our hands!

Last stop, gift shop! The girls have been saving money for this trip by having a cupcake and lemonade stand, selling bracelets, taking 'donations' from Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Laurie and Uncle Chaim. 

The girls bought new stuffed animals to sleep with at night! 
It was so fun to watch them pick out exactly what they wanted :)

We rested a little and then explored some of the Old Market which was amazingly across the street from our hotel! The girls loved the slides! A must do :)

Emma: "This room has been so good to us." The things they say!

We stopped by the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge but decided the mile across 
and mile back was a bit much for us that day. 

Here we come Sioux Falls!

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