Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life will never be the same ☺

In a great way I mean that. Monday was the original due date we were given but by then Emma was 5 days old. I can’t imagine her coming at any more of a perfect time.  The last week and day have gone by so fast. 

Nana & Grandpa (Jay’s parents) and Cara were able to be at the hospital the night Emma was born.  It was wonderful to have family there to celebrate with us.  The next two days were loaded with learning new things and trying to remember things.  One thing I didn’t need to worry about was what state our house was going to be in or what we were going to eat.  Jay’s parents spent the night at our house while we were in the hospital and cleaned and put meals in the freezer.  The meals came in handy so much the first few nights we were home.  I never realized how much energy it takes to cook!  Even though the house was cleaned the day before we came home, it is definitely a house that a newborn lives in.  Each room has it’s own blankets, burp rags, and empty bottles from feedings.  Yet, when I really need that burp rag it seems to never be in the right place!
We’ve been to the pediatrician twice already. 3 days after she was born, we went to have her checked out because she was a little jaundice. Everything was fine though after they tested her. Monday we went in to get her weighed and she weighed 6 lb 13 oz! She was only 1 oz off of her birth weight. It normally takes newborns 2 weeks to get back to their birth weight so we must be doing something right!

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful daughter.
What a cutie! 

A smile caught on camera at 2am

One of her first alert/wake times

We are looking forward to seeing many more of you but taking our pediatrician’s advice to keep her in a bubble for a few weeks because of the weather and it being cold season. 

There’ll be more pictures soon of GG & Grandpa (my parents) and Auntie Abby coming to meet Emma for the first time this coming weekend and then hopefully the next weekend having first time Auntie Nina, Uncle Joel, and cousin Wyatt come down. 
If you’re reading this and would like to be praying for the Udey family in specific ways, you can pray that: we have energy (this is tough work), that we stay encouraged even though we aren’t surrounded by the body at this time & in the Word, and that we would have patience in learning all the new things about parenting. 

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