Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Weekend Filled With Love

Aunt Laurie and Uncle Chaim came to visit on Saturday! We always love when they have time to come down and catch up. There's always conversation about the house, the working world, and even wood stoves this time!

Jay's mom also came down for the weekend. We had a wonderful time at the Women's Coffeehouse on Friday night as Jay watched Emma. Saturday was a girl's morning as we went to the mall together!

Emma's winter coats aren't quite fitting her yet. She has a little growing to do. So while at the mall we went coat shopping! Our good friend, Colleen, told me that Old Navy was having a great sale on coats. That was the jackpot for us! I'll get a better picture of her in the coat soon but this one will have to do for now. Of course, after getting a new coat, she needed a cute hat to go with it. After many stores, we found the perfect one! She's adorable! 

We spent some time in the play center at the mall, until big kids got there. 

Today, we had our own little 'zoo' trip! We took Emma to Petco!

She loved the mice and gerbils. They were only a glass pane away! 
I think the ferret wanted to get out.
He kept tugging at the lock. Kind of a scary animal. 

She's stays busy. We're just waiting for the day that she flips into her toy bucket. 
It's bound to happen. 

What better way to teach Emma to read!?! The newspaper!

I feel like I haven't gotten a lot of great pictures of her lately. I'm sure it's because she's on the go ALL the time! She crawled all the way to the kitchen on this particular day! It's time to put the gate up!

Soon, she'll be on the go much more. Here's a video of her walking with her 'walker'. She can do this for about 10 minutes before she gets tuckered out. It won't be long....

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