Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sick Baby

 I forgot to put up Emma's Halloween costume. She was one of those ladies that dresses up to go work out. :) I thought since Jay works out and she had to look cute, why not put them together?!?!

Not sure what she was trying to say to me with this expression.

The last week or so, Emma has not been herself. She has fallen asleep quite a few times on me and just lounges around on the floor. She has her bursts of energy every once in a while. It's hard knowing there's nothing I can do but 'baby' her. It does make for some cute pictures and cuddle time. 

Snuggling with GiGi.

Mr. Kitty makes her feel better.

Daddy time.  

Picture perfect.

My mom came down for the weekend. As usual, I didn't get too many pictures of them together. But, here's one.

Playing with her new barn.

Cara came over for most of the weekend while my mom was here and 
Emma just loves her soooooooo much!

Cara wanted to take a nap and Emma needed to make sure she was okay. 

Whoops... must of got her hair :)

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