Sunday, September 2, 2012

Captions tell the stories!

Feeding her animals.
She loves her monkey!
Jay's co-workers bought Lily this Ohio State hat; Emma likes it too.
Put it on herself!
Cool lady in a hat!
 Grandma Udey left her CD of fun music here. Emma enjoys dancing quite a bit. Her favorite dancing partner is Monkey! 

Emma also enjoys taking care of Monkey.

"Daddy does my hair"
....sleeping.... (check out her hair!)
...... & sleeping.
"Bad hair day."
I participated in a pregnancy study for Iowa State University. At one month, Lily needed to be weighed, measured, and have her body fat % checked.
The first 2 seconds....
...then she was fine!
We now know that at almost a month, Lily weighs 9 lbs 7oz and is 21".

Emma loves looking into Lily's eyes.
She also likes to help put her pacifier back in.

Nose kisses!
Chillin' on the couch together.
Enjoying a walk together.
Emma reading to Lily.
This was my view one day when we all took a nap together.

Family time
We got to have lunch with Daddy one day!
Our oldest and me.
Coloring time.

Another snooze.
Jay shaved for the first time around Emma. She was pretty freaked out at first, but by the end of the night she kept asking Daddy to shave her face! 

Snack time.
Computer time.
The Udey girls.
We enjoyed some time at the park today. 

Lily & Mommy.

Emma & Daddy.

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