Sunday, September 9, 2012

MN Trip

Jay got the opportunity to speak at a work conference in Chicago this past week. 
That sent us girls to MN for a few days. Yes, I'm crazy and took a 19 month old and a 1 month old on a 4 hour trip by myself, and we're still alive!!!

Emma sitting on a little 4-wheeler.

Just to show you how little it is.

Grandpa & Lily

I painted Emma's fingernails.

Auntie Nina and Cousin Wyatt with Lily


My "Aunt" Nancy and Lily
 My "Aunt" Nancy is great friends with my mom and I always thought she was my aunt growing up. She has girls that are 12 months apart, very grown up now, so she has offered hope that I can do this!!

Emma giving Snickers toys. Wyatt helped her warm up to Snickers.

GiGi & Emma

Enjoying catching up.

Lily snoozing.

Neighbor Mary visiting Lily.

Grandpa & Lily

Mornings with GiGi

Emma playing with Snickers.

Auntie Nina getting practice. She's due in Feb. with their 2nd kid!

Auntie Abby and Emma.

Playtime with Grandpa

Great Grandma Norma visiting Lily.
 My grandma has also offered me a LOT of hope. My dad and uncle are 15 months apart. Yikes!! She was telling me all the 'crazy' things she had to do. Like, going to get water from outside in order to wash all the diapers, and then putting them all outside to dry. I can't imagine doing this and am so thankful for our diapers!!!

Jay gives Emma rides on his shoulders. I think she was missing him as she was giving Monkey rides on her shoulders.


More reading.

2 beautiful ladies.

On our way home, we stopped and met some of Jay's mom's co-workers and had lunch with her. It was so nice to see her and meet the co-workers we hear so much about!

Lunch at Applebees

Park time!


Emma climbing high.

Looking at leaves

Checking out the sky.

Flowers from Grandma Udey!

Emma's official Packer cheer-leading outfit.

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