Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Story time with Emma. I asked Emma to tell Lily a story... she decided to go through some animal sounds :) 

My friend, Jamie, made this headband for Lily before she was born. It's sooo cute; there's also a matching one for Emma!!

Relaxing on her big bed.
 Apparently someone has caught on to the working world :) 

Last week, Jay stayed in Ames for a night or 2, so we had some guests! The Pouchers, minus Kerry, came and enjoyed some play time, graham crackers, and hot cocoa! The boys LOVED the cocoa. Emma had pretend cocoa, orange juice.

Here is her first real sip of hot cocoa! I absolutely LOVE how she says cocoa! It's my current favorite word of Emma's!!!

We got to hang out with Mason this week too!!!

Just hanging out while Mom cooks.
Emma sipping on some orange juice.

Emma was just being sooo funny when we made smoothies yesterday. What a big girl!

Last, this is what Emma decided to pick out to wear today. Good thing it's a 'we're not going anywhere' kind of day!!!

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