Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Emma Part 3!

This is one lucky 2 year old! Emma celebrated her birthday for the 3rd time! My parents and grandma came down for a few days. It's crazy to think that the last time I saw them was back in October! Time flies; I wish it would slow down!

The keyboard was assembled, and you can just see how Emma feels about it!

Emma was a bit confused, because I call my grandma Grandma. So, she joined the club and called her Grandma too! So cute to see them together. 

Can't wait to freshen up on playing this and then teach her!

Emma teaching Dolly to play!

Grandpas and their technology :)

Ready for a nap.

Dinner time.
Blowing out the candles again!
More 'loppies'!
 Auntie Nina, Uncle Joel, and Cousin Wyatt sent a present for Emma. We had them on Skype while Emma opened it. It's sweet to see the relationship she has with Wyatt even though they are miles away. 

Auntie Nina!

A GIANT MINNIE!!!! Showing Wyatt!

Sharing stuffed animals with each other.
The other big news in the Udey household: We have an up and running fireplace! I had a chimney sweep come 2 weeks ago and make sure it was clean and ready to use. My dad helped me build our first fire. I am in love!

S'mores at 10am!

Cara got the first one!

Makes you feel all warm and cozy on a cold day!

S'mores for Grandma!
 We were attempting to get a picture with both the girls, but Emma decided taking pictures just wasn't her thing. 

Lunch: Roasted hotdogs.
Here's to another year with Emma! Happy Birthday Big Girl!

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