Thursday, January 3, 2013

Potty Training!

In the last month, Emma has pretended her toy kitchen is a potty, told us when she is wet, and had multiple other signs of being ready to potty train.
So...... last weekend, we 'took the plunge'. :)
We all went to Target Friday night and picked up the necessities: Minnie Mouse undies, Princess undies, a Princess potty chair, an Elmo potty seat, and Mini M&Ms!

So excited to open it up!


Trying them on!

 Here we are on the first day. 
We used chap stick to get her to sit on the potty A LOT the first day.


Emma has done much better than I thought she would. Today is our 5th day and she was accident free!!!!! We are soooo proud of her. I'm a bit scared to venture out yet. 
But, soon we'll try.

Oh, can't forget this cutie! 
She's been sitting in her high chair and just seems to be growing up so fast. 
Emma loves picking up Lily's toys after she drops them. What a helper!

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