Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day

We started Labor Day off with some exercise! Jay and I have been taking turns running a timed mile on Valley's track. It's been pretty hot lately so we took a break after we had each only done it once. But, we are back at it. I was excited to test out my new gear: shorts from my sister, a workout shirt from my friend, Leah, and new shoes thanks to my birthday money from Jay's parents. Lily was getting ready to go while I was putting my shoes on. 

Ready to go! Pumped that I made it under 8 minutes (7:58)

The track must have felt sooo good on her feet.
Playing on the mats.
Playing catch!
She can aim pretty well.

We were even able to see the firetrucks leave when we
were walking home. Got a good wave & prayer in :)
During Lily's nap, Emma and I painted our fingernails, and Jay worked out. Then, Emma and I went to pick up some BOGO coffee at Caribou for Jay and me. 

Then, we went to the zoo with the Tracys! So thankful for the invite, the good time. and for them getting us in for free!
Try not to be confused. This was on the way to the zoo..... 
Dads and the babes.
Love our family! 
It would have been super perfect if Skyla would have gone into labor on Labor Day. And, we get to have Bo while she's in the hospital, so we would have been able to just take him and go. But, I guess Baby Girl Tracy wants to stay in a little longer.

Love this family! 
Emma showing Daddy the animals while on the train ride.
Dylan trying to milk a cow. Hilarious.
This hippo sprayed a mist of water out at you. Cooling.
The babes.

Jay talking to the giraffes.  
What a great family.
2 cuties.
We took turns with each others kids. 

Last thing on the list to do, watch the seal show!

And, that was our Labor Day at the zoo. 
The day ended with some sand volleyball. Jay played a few games while I chatted with some moms and played in the sand with the kids. 
Perfect weather for a perfect Labor Day.

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