Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ice Cream & A Unicorn

The girls got out in their costumes on Halloween. In Iowa, they go trick or treating on the 30th, weird. We chose to wait another year to go out, but they wore their costumes to the gym, Caribou, and the neighbor's house. They are some cuties!

The girls with Miles, the worker's son.
Now, off to Caribou to enjoy our Halloween BOGO.

White Turtle Mocha and a smoothie!
 The above and below pictures are what these girls are like after a smoothie and 2 Oreos.... This is why we limit their sugar intake!
Can't forget to put in a picture of Jay!
He was the debt ceiling. Genius!

Headed to our neighbor's house!

Maybe next year, they'll understand what's going on :)

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