Saturday, November 16, 2013

MN in November

Once again.... a whole week of picture taking. I took A LOT of pictures as we won't be heading back to MN for quite a while. So, here are the highlights, the rest are on Facebook. Here we go:

The girls immediately wanted to play the piano with GG.
Reading her Bible to Snickers.
Same cheese, nose-scrunched smile :)

Neighbor Mary came over!
Miss Lily is quite the creative climber...

Up she goes.
We spur of the moment went with my mom to visit her mom. (Great) Grandma Reineke had celebrated her 91st birthday the day before this picture was taken.

Lily was a HUGE fan of the dogs.
And, they loved playing with the old cell phones.
One of GG's favorite books to read to the kids.
Emma absolutely loved making cookies with Abby. She loved it so much they made cookies twice!!! Here's the pictures from the first round. 

Cleaning up after their mess :)
Letting Great Grandma Seifert try a cookie.
Lily decided to start "blowing" her nose while we were in MN. 

Most of the time she looks like this while "blowing" her nose.
We headed out to Nina's for the afternoon one day. 
It was 50 out, but we still bundled up!

Country living. 
The young babes. 
Just checking each other out.
Gymnast Emma.
Leaf fight!
We once again bribed the older ones with hot cocoa.... to get these pictures. 
Lily and Ellie just happen to cooperate. 

Enjoying the peace away from the city.
Making popcorn with Pa!
Cara drove up Friday night after work. So, ALL of us sisters had breakfast together on Saturday morning. We all haven't been together for quite some time. Mom so graciously made us some egg bake, orange juice, and fruit (the bread is for next time) and snapped a bunch of pictures of us. 
There is one good one and one fun one. 
Snicks even got in the picture.
This is more like it!
Sisters! :)
Hugs good-bye until next time....

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