Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Few Full Days

My dad came down for a few days to help us conquer more of our list on our house. It has dwindled down to less than a handful of things to do and some cleaning! 

Lily always wants to help! 
Watching and learning.... 
.....and actually breaking up the grout!!!
The cleaner-upper. 
Putting in a gate. 
Power washing
Longing to be outside with Bop (what Lily started calling him!)

There was some time for fun too :)

Lily now thinks it's funny to put her toes in her mouth...
Attack kisses!
Playing with worms.
 Big news! Emma learned how to pedal on her tricycle!!! She's soooo excited!!!

 More pictures from the little camera to come.... another night. :)

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