Thursday, December 4, 2014


While at the Thanksgiving table, we could not figure out for the life of us this word Lily was saying.... we FINALLY figured it out and since then this girl can make you laugh at just about any moment! She puts random things under her nose and just says, "Mustache." (in a manly voice) I've caught her a few times on video! 

Lily has also taken to a unique form of throwing balls in the basement. (starts at 9 sec)

The good and bad thing about having a phone that takes decent pictures is that you get more 'in the moment' pictures, but you forget you have them! Here are a stock pile of pictures from my phone!

When we moved the castle inside for the winter!
Emma wearing a pair of Lily's 24 month pj's.
Yes she is over 3.5 years old!
Goof balls. 
Lots of baths to pass the time while we
were home bound with sicknesses. 
Someone showing off his muscles :)
 I never really understood why moms would put up pictures of their sleeping kids. I understand quite a bit more now. While the girls were sick, they took turns dosing off in my arms and even laying on Jay. I just kept thinking 'you will be 4 soon and then soon we will be at 16..... and moments like these just need to be soaked in.'

Book time!
Building a snowman!
My wonderful friend Holly came into town from MN! I am blessed to have known this lady for 8 years now! We even got away and had breakfast then pedicures! 

This year, we made some homemade ornaments and then let the girls paint them. I knew Emma loved to paint, but Lily was very quiet, focused, and did a wonderful job!

Emma has taken off in the artsy area. She can sit and draw and write for hours. Literally. Here's a picture of a castle with a princess surrounded by flowers. How beautiful! She often asks how to spell things when we are off to the grocery store, and I receive my list of things when we get there. She's amazing!

Jay's parents got us a Science Center/Zoo pass, and we have LOVED going to the zoo during the summer. Now, we are in SC mode! When we went this time, we had extra familiar faces! Our church's home school co-op had a field trip there, so we tagged along and went with. We sat in the auditorium and listened to a presentation on the digestive and respiratory system. I even learned something! We had a blast playing with new friends and enjoying some more learning!

Whenever the girls have to apologize to each other, they give each other a hug at the end. But, lately I have heard Emma saying something and then they rub noses, I know adorable. I tried to catch a video of it...

Apparently after apologies are swapped, she says, "Best friends." Cuties!

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  1. Omgosh, best friends video slays me! So cute!