Thursday, December 18, 2014

Packages, Packages, Packages!

'Tis the season for packages, and the girls LOVE it! Jay's parents sent a St. Nicholas Day package, cards with gum, and a box of Christmas candies, cookies, and goodies. Jay's grandma even sent us something in the mail!

St. Nicholas Day Package:

She had to change into the full outfit immediately once she saw her new gloves!
Stretching out together.

Christmas candies, cookies, and goodies box:

The straws needed to be tested out right away! 

They accomplished their reindeer craft!

Package from Great Grandma Udey:
 The girls were quite confused with this one. Grandma Udey sent Jay and I more homemade potholders. I LOVE these and would prefer to use them over any store bought ones! They still had fun opening it, even if the contents were exactly what they thought it should be.

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