Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Jay recently went on a work trip for a few days out to Montana. 
The girls and I got to enjoy the landscape through pictures! 

He was only gone for three days, but to the girls that was an eternity! The first day went pretty well as it was like he was gone for a normal day of work. But, by day 2, we needed something to focus on. Emma really enjoys this book from the library. It's called Dadurday. Short book report on it: A girl enjoys one on one time with her dad on Saturdays (Dadurdays) especially now that her mom just had twins. Then, the dad starts having to work on Saturdays. She is mad, frustrated, sad, etc. Finally, she has an idea to throw him a party for when he gets home! So..... that's what we did. Here is the page that inspired Emma the most! 

Painting signs. 

Emma cut out all the triangle banner pictures. Both the girls went through all my pictures and selected the ones they wanted hanging around the house. 

In the book, the girl decorated outside. In fear of rain ruining her decorations, we didn't do that part. Emma decided to cut up some green yard and bring the grass inside. I thought it was so thoughtful and sweet. 

Lily's painting.
Jay technically got home Friday night, but late enough that the girls were in bed. He's such a great dad and 'snuck' out Saturday morning. The girls woke up and were thrilled to know he was "on his way home". 

Such thoughtful girls that really love their dad!

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