Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another busy weekend!

Last weekend, we got to enjoy the wedding of our good friends Tim and Jenna Greeno. The weekend was full of fun with the rehearsal Friday night and pictures and the wedding on Saturday.  Saturday was also filled with another exciting event: We started having church at our new location!  It's in a great spot and is just the right size for us.
I got a picture of Jay and I at the wedding but it didn't look too hot, so I had us take another one after church. Cara and I got a few pictures in too.
Try #1

Here's the good one :) 

Auntie Cara, for the 2nd time, and me! 

Had to have a fun one! 

Update on the baby and I: Things are going well. Our appointments are still in and out which they say are the best ones. This is week 34, so after the next appointment we start going every week. That makes it a little more real that the big day is coming! I met with a pediatrician yesterday and am going to meet with another next Tuesday. Who knew there was so much to get done before she is even here! We're on the uphill here. Sleeping is starting to get more and more uncomfortable and I'm a little bit more tired during the day. Other than that, I think the Lord has blessed me with a very easy pregnancy. And am I thankful for that!

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