Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Different Christmas

This year was a little different for Christmas. 
Being 8 months pregnant, I am restricted to traveling very far. Which means, we had Christmas in West Des Moines this year.  Cara and Jay's parents came over around noon and we started cooking.  We took a break to open presents from both sets of parents and got many wonderful and useful gifts. Dinner was amazing and we all stuffed ourselves too full; Jay is one spectacular turkey chef. We relaxed the rest of the night and made a game plan for the next morning.  
Cara arrived at about 6:45am and we were all off to breakfast at the Drake Diner and a morning of Christmas sale shopping.  Our goal was to get a Christmas tree for next year, but we were unaware that Christmas trees go on sale the week before. I guess we will just have to wait until next year. We did get some great sales on wrapping paper, candy,
and even a cute outfit for baby Udey :) 
The rest of the day we spent napping and relaxing. 
Overall, it was a very different Christmas. It was strange not to see my family on a main holiday and for Jay it was strange not to enjoy opening his stocking at his parent's house.  We both have traditions that we weren't able to do yet we enjoyed Christmas very much.  It even made me step back and take a moment to think about what Christmas is all about.  If it was about the presents, eating certain things, and seeing certain people, I'm sure I would be disappointed quite often. But to think, a King was born on this day and came for each and every one of us is amazing.  He loves each of us so much.

We even took a moment to snap a beautiful Christmas picture.
Lovely :)

Jay's parents stayed in town a few extra days and helped do some repairs around the house. Here is the most visible one. 

They spent time cleaning the rest of the carpet in the living room and the family room and it looks spectacular.

Darlynn and I spent an entire day running errands all over town. We went to 2 different Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, the mall, and many other locations.  Our goal was to get as many things for the baby's room, as the time for her to arrive is getting closer and closer.  Here was one of our projects for the day. 

Our beautiful lamp!
Many things were accomplished in the past week. It's hard for me to believe that in about 25 days, give or take, she will be here. Time keeps flying by and I'm sure it will when she is born too. Hope you all had a safe Christmas and New Year!

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